Social Media

  • Snapchat

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    This app allows you to send picture and snap messages to your friends. This app will automatically delete the photo or text once the message has been open...but you can post photos on your snapchat story that will last for 24 hours. Finally, Snapchat has a map feature allowing you to track enabled tracking friends.

  • Instagram

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    In this app you can post pictures of yourself with friends and family. Also, you can tag people in posts for others to see who it is. Finally, this app also has a "story" feature, where you can post a picture with gifs & stickers, that will only last for 24 hours.

  • Bitmoji

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    This apps allows you to customize your very own Emoji...Bitmoji! From your eye color to your clothes, Bitmoji has it! It is also linked to Snapchat allowing others to identify you by your Bitmoji!